Conference Presentation by Marta Kiss, Éva Perpék and Nóra Menich (EN)

Members of our research group participated the Social Dynamics in the post -Covid age. Inequalities, integration, migration in regional, urban and rural context conference on 17-18th October 2022.

Márta Kiss, Katalin Rácz: Social cooperatives as tools for labour market (re)integration of disadvantaged people? Goals, implementation and challenges

Nóra Menich, Zsuzsa Kondor, Borbála Bányai, Lucia Csabai, Katalin Tausz: Inequalities in access to social support for people with disabilities in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Findings from a systematic review

Éva Perpék: Child poverty and social exclusion in Hungary and Europe

More information about the conference can be accessed here.