Early school leaving

Impact of family allowance on school attendance and school performance

The analysis examines the impact of family allowances on school attendance on children's participation and performance. School performance is measured by cognitive skills, completed classes and qualifications based on administrative data. The research is based on a comparison of the results of children attending school before and after the introduction.

Relationship between teenage pregnancies and early school leaving

Most of the mothers with small children are not only temporarily drop out of school due to childbirth but do not continue their studies later, so teenage pregnancies often lead to early school leaving. However, little is known about how having children at a young age affects the school career of fathers, how much it increases the risk of early school leaving. Until we can answer this question, interventions to reduce teenage pregnancies can have only limited effectiveness in reducing early school leaving. The research is therefore looking for an answer to this question, as well as examining the elements of the children programme aimed at preventing teenage pregnancies and increasing the chance of further education among juvenile parents. In terms of methodology, we are planning a follow-up study of approx. 100 pregnant teenage girls and their partners.